Dyna line is closest Harley Davidson to sport bike handling. They handle sharp and can certainly be set up for light touring such as shorter, weekend-type rides. They have extra custom styling and are more performance-based than other Harley cruisers or touring motorcycles. Their design is inspired by 70's spirit of self-expression and combined with modern performance. Some models have forward controls and pull-back bars and some have mid controls with flatter bars for a more aggressive riding posture. Since they are lightweight they can be used for novice and also for experienced riders.

The name comes from their rigid, hardtail style look in a combination with hidden shock absorber under the bike that soaks up the bumps. They combine the comfort and performance of modern suspension with the profile of antiquated simplicity. Because of their good looks they are very popular as a daily ride or as the foundation of a Harley custom, but most of them put you in a feet forward, arms raised position that is not the best for long and aggressive riding in the curves. Since they are lighter in weight their touring and cruiser brothers, they are suitable for novice and experienced riders.

This line is the longest continuously produced motorcycle in the Harley Davidson line-up. Sportsters are Harley's entry-level bike, because of their light weight, easy handling and the price. Long considered a great bike for novice, smaller individuals and the first choice of lady riders these bikes are by no means any less of a true Harley than their big brothers. As their name suggests they are sportier then other Harleys and are perfect for shorter rides, since their patrol capacity is smaller than in others Harleys.

If you are thinking of extended trips including overnights or if you just want a comfortable, well-handling machine, touring line Harley Davidson is right for you. They are known for exceptional comfort and handling and come in just about any configuration. The touring models have floorboards for the rider and most also include floorboards for the pillion, which provides extra comfort and a feeling of increased stability for passengers. The only consideration might be the weight since they can go up to 800lbs fully loaded, which can be too much for novice riders.

V-ROD is Harley's newest model. It is very different from other models, since it combines the power and style of sport bike with stretched out forward controls unique for Harleys. The distinction goes all the way to the water cooled Revolution engine with 60° geometry and dual overhead cams, which was developed in cooperation with Porsche. V-ROD was inspired by drag racing heritage and VR 1000 Superbike race engine and still represents a platform around which Harley-Davidson builds drag-racing competition machines. Models are aiming at both traditional Harley owners and enthusiasts new to the Harley-Davidson.