Striking entrance
Beast on
Bring it
Perfection in every detail
A sight to remember

In 2011, Akrapovič decided to enter the world of customization in a highly original way. Morsus, a unique show bike that was created in collaboration with Dreamachine Motorcycles, wowed the world with its ground breaking design.

Its name comes from a Latin word "morsus", meaning a sting or a bite. A very fitting name considering the Akrapovič logo is a scorpion, but that’s not where similarities end. Even the shape of this extraordinary machine resembles a scorpion. Clip-on style handlebars mimic scorpion's claws, the bike mid-section curves in the same way a scorpion's body arches, the sweeping tail section mimics a sting; even its piercing white lights resemble the animal's eyes.

This creature's life power comes from 113 CI (1852cc) S&S engine rated at 114 horsepower. It breathes through Akrapovič custom titanium exhaust and moves around on 26-inch wheels in carbon fibre.

To create Morsus, the companies maximized the usage of staple Akrapovič materials - titanium and carbon fibre. The result is a spectacular texture and a striking combination of silver and black that makes any custom fan's skin crawl with excitement.

Morsus created quite a buzz in the custom scene, garnering many awards around the world. Its global adventure continues as it travels to many countries where it is exhibited along with its recently acquired brother – Full Moon.