In 2014, Akrapovič has once again astonished fans of custom design. The company teamed up with Dreamachine Motorcycles to create Full Moon, its most radical interpretation of custom design. By building a dream bike that boldly showcases superb craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and incredible attention to detail, Akrapovič established itself as a perfect partner for riders who want to customize their bike in a way that will reflect their personality.

A rebel by design, Full Moon features a striking front wheel of truly impressive 30-inch dimensions that will grab attention wherever this beast rolls. The rest of its precision-crafted body is equally outrageous, especially considering a completely automated steering, and composite braking disc, previously unseen in such size.

Entirely made of sheet metal, Full Moon's bodywork is structured as an integral part of the exhaust system. The deep thundering sound of a pair of Akrapovič exhausts awakens uninhibited feelings, delivering daredevil attitude with absolutely no compromise.

Full Moon doesn't fit into any of the existing motorbike categories, instead creating a completely new niche within the custom segment. Those who swear by individuality will instantly recognize Full Moon's extreme beauty. It took 800 hours to create, but it only takes one glance to become fully captivated by it.